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The start of Bleached Renaissance

Back in 2016 I was scrolling through the internet when I saw a painting called  ‘Goethe in the Roman Campagna’ by the painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.

Goethe in the Roman Campagna

I liked this painting because of the way the man was dressed. In my eyes his dress and hat looked really beautiful, but it was missing something. As much as I loved this painting, it wasn’t me. It didn’t fit the things I listened to in hiphop music and it didn’t fit the way I dressed. Basically it didn’t fit my lifestyle and my thoughts.

The painting had to be edited in a way so that the man in the painting would come to my world and resembled my vision. It had to fit the hiphop and the streetstyle I loved. So I edited the painting; gave the man white Air Max’s, a golden chain, a weed plant in the back and a styrofoam cup because rappers in 2016 where rapping about lean and promethazine.

When I was done with the edit, the painting looked completely different. The painting came to live and it was less boring than before. It was like I made the painting again; it was a ‘rebirth’; a new Renaissance. The Renaissance of renaissance paintings.

Too bad I didn’t save the edit. It’s feels like missing the first pictures of my baby.

Anyway, years later I came back to this idea. I finally felt ready to share these edited paintings, these artworks in a way people could see the artwork in reality.

I needed to wear this artwork, really own it and feel it and share it with the world. So I decided to put these on clothes, starting with t-shirts.

Because I always have loved the effect of bleach on black t-shirts, the trippy feel and the way I can put my expression on it makes the t-shirt scream in your face, just how I like it. It’s honest, direct and pure. Just how I like to be in life.

So I combined the bleach and the edited Renaissance paintings and came up with the brandname ‘Bleached Renaissance’.

The youth, the new generation and also the cool adult people will get familiar with these forgotten Renaissance paintings and know they exist. But now it fits in their world and the hiphop- and streetwear we live in.

These are not just clothes. This is art. Our art. This is a new Bleached Renaissance.

emre wearing his first tee design ‘the leangirl’

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