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The start of Bleached Renaissance

Back in 2016 I was scrolling through the internet when I saw a neoclassical painting called  ‘Goethe in the Roman Campagna’ by the painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.

Goethe in the Roman Campagna

The painting depicts Goethe in a classical manner, casually lounging in the open air, surrounded by Roman ruins, with Campagna di Roma in the background. I liked the way he dressed in the painting. The opulent creamy white duster and the grey broad-brimmed hat was what caught my attention immediately. 

But as much as I appreciate the artistry of the piece it didn’t align with me personally. I couldn’t identify with Goethe. He seemed distant and disconnected from my world. 

You see, I love hip-hop music and streetwear and I wanted to bring those elements into the painting in a way that truly reflected my personal style and vision. The painting had to be edited in a way that Goethe would be connected to my world.

So, I edited the painting. I Gave Goethe crisp white Air Max’s, a shiny golden chain and a styrofoam cup. I added elements that brought the painting closer to my own world. It felt like a rebirth; a new renaissance. 

Years later, i found myself wanting to share this edited paintings with the world in a tangible way. I decided to put it on clothing, starting with T-shirts. The effect of bleach on textiles has always fascinated me. The trippy feel and the way I can put my expression on it makes the T-shirt scream in your face. 

It’s honest, direct, and pure. Just how I like to be in life. 

And so, “Bleached Renaissance” was born – a brand that combines the beauty of neoclassical art with the edge of contemporary streetwear. My goal is to introduce a new generation to these forgotten masterpieces, but in a way that fits in their world. 

These aren’t just clothes. This is art. Our art. This is a new Bleached Renaissance.

emre wearing his first tee design ‘the leangirl’

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