Bleached Watered Denim (#9)


This item is part of the ‘A Walk In The Park’ drop.

After visiting the second hand market in Amsterdam, we picked up several vintage jeans, bleached them with our own technique using water and bleach, printed the Bleached Renaissance logo on both legs and finished with our leather patch on the back and label in the left pocket. This process took several months to finish. 

We believe every denim jean is unique and should be handled with care, no matter the state it’s in. We take care of these denim jeans on the market that are not looked after, damaged or have a stain, rust or a rip.

By not ignoring and neglect these otherwise discarded jeans, but bring them back to life under the wing of Bleached Renaissance. The flaws of our jeans give it character and a story to tell.

Damage that prevents the jeans from being worn will be repaired and reiumbursed by us. 

Bleached Renaissance print
The print on the legs has been pre-tested, on another pair of jeans, for durability by washing the jeans three times at 90 degrees Celsius. We then tried, without success, to get the print off with various sharp objects and sandpaper.

Because the fit of these vintage denim jeans can be different than your own size, we advise you to visit our studio in Amersfoort to try them on. This way we can prevent you from buying the wrong size.

Send us a message via Instagram or by mail, to visit us.


  • Vintage
  • One out of one
  • Bleached by hand
  • Bleached Renaissance logo on both legs
  • Bleached Renaissance leather patch and label
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Taille: 80 cm (31) | Length: 74 cm (29)


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